Catch Up Bookkeeping

1. Booktied provides bookkeeping services for businesses that fell behind with their books and need their QuickBooks file reconciled and organized accurately. You might need our bookkeeping catch up service if you’re trying to apply for a bank loan, file your businesses annual taxes, show accurate financials to investors or simply want to see an accurate picture of your company’s financials.

2. It is very simple to get started with your bookkeeping catch up, and here’s it works: Fill out our questionnaire or schedule a call so we can learn a bit more about your business. We will then request access to your QuickBooks file and a few months of bank and credit card statements so we can review the amount of work entailed to reconcile your bank. We will then send you a personalized quote for the project and an estimated time frame for completion. Once approved we will begin working on your file and bring it up to date