QuickBooks & Bookkeeping Training

1. We provide QuickBooks training for employers and employees in person or via Skype. It is crucial that you have QuickBooks set up correctly and is being utilized efficiently for your business. Using QuickBooks the right way will guarantee that your books are accurate and up to date, and will allow you to make proper business decisions based of your financial statements. You invest so much time and energy in your business and hope to maximize its potential. With accurate bookkeeping and a clear understanding of your finances you will be able to improve your profit margins and reduce the stress of being in the unknown.

2. Training varies on the type of business and the level of expertise of the trainee. It includes:

  • Choosing the right QuickBooks for your business
  • Understanding the accounting software and how it works
  • Managing and tracking your inventory
  • Record inventory adjustments
  • Tracking projects and different type of services
  • Understanding how to reconcile your bank and credit card statements
  • Utilizing 3rd party software to eliminate data entry and save time
  • Set up proper chart of accounts
  • Reviewing and understanding the balance sheet
  • How to analyze your profit and loss
  • Find inaccuracies in your books and how to amend them
  • Utilize tracking by class
  • Customize reports for your business
  • Other aspects of QuickBooks that apply to your business